Criminal Defense Law

Providing Dublin’s leading legal representation for all

If you’re in a difficult situation GN Solicitors and Associates Dublin can help, providing you with the very best legal defense team to protect your reputation, livelihood and possibly your liberty. 

Our professional and highly qualified team will treat you with discretion and upmost respect. We represent clients throughout Leinster and we’re happy to provide you with a no obligation consultation to talk over your situation. 

Along with representing individuals from allegations and criminal proceedings also act for companies, businesses and organisations, including charities and religious organisations.

Whatever your position and whatever the charge, reach out to us today for a confidential and informative meeting. We’ll do our best to not just take care of you, but provide you with all avenues available throughout your journey. .  

Where can we help?

  • expert legal advice
  • representation at garda interviews 
  • Representation in court
  • Court preparation & fillings
  • Assistant with legal aid
  • Discussions & negotiations with law enforcement 
  • Breaking down legal jargon and solicitor correspondence

Our experience, knowledge and skills mean that we are often able to keep you out of court altogether. If you do have to go to court, you can be sure of having the very best legal defence team to get the very best result

No judgement here, all cases heard. 

  • Drug offences
  • Fraud and theft charges
  • Murder and assault charges
  • Sexual offences

If you would like to arrange a first meeting, discuss your situation or have any questions, please call GN Solicitors criminal defense specialists on +353 (1) 526 6711, send us an email or request a callback.