Civil Law

Specialised civil expertise you can count on

Civil law is the process of seeking a resolution for disputes, disputes which may have or which could potentially lead to proceedings in court. In such cases a resolution or agreement comes about in the form of a settlement or mediation between various parties. Such disputes can be as minor as an argument with a neighbour to a multunation in disagreement with another large company. 

At Jeffry & Co our professional and experienced team can help save you money by providing you the very best in legal advice and council. We;re happy to represent you in the most tricky of situations, no matter the dispute at hand. 

You’ll find some of the areas we work in below, helping clients throughout Dublin and beyond navigate through contracts, disputes and disagreements:

  • Commercial and industrial property disputes
  • Residential, social & community property disputes
  • Construction and building works
  • Engineering law & disputes
  • Contractual disputes
  • Insolvency & financial contracting 
  • Company / director & shareholder disputes
  • Business, partnerships & franchise contracting or acquisition disputes 

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